Friday, 5 November 2010


Someone on the Vizslascotland forum recommended these collars that have 3 light settings. I got them from Pets at Home. I have to say, if you, like me haven't heard of them then they are BRILLIANT!!!!!!

I've tried different variations of these type of colars but I recommend these. Ruby is modelling.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Vizz Wizz

Today we went to meet up with some of our ginger friends from the Vizslascotland forum. (Mum says if anyone would like to join us on the forum you'd be most welcome. It's not just for Scottish people that's just where this particular group was formed so we could have some local vizz meet-ups. They love to chat about all things Viz. Vizslascotland welcomes members from everywhere).

A halloween wizz at the old Bangour Hospital site in West Lothian was arranged. Here's some snaps and happy halloween everyone.Add Image

What a great find this was. We had a great day and are a bit tired now.