Saturday, 20 February 2010

I can do recall

Two vizslas with very different personalities. It was really frosty this morning when we were out. Coats required!

Ruby is content to have a run around, sniff about then generally walks at my heel and doesn't stray far unless she's stalking pheasants. Sophie, being younger is constantly on the go, darting from one thing to another and doesn't mind being away from my side. She's really maturing into a lovely dog. I see parts of her training really starting to pay off for us now. In one of the fields today she was quite far away from me, just about out of site and I whistled, she turned, looked and bolted back and sat right in front of me. It was her lucky day as she was rewarded with a nice treat (I don't always take treats with me so they don't assume they'll always get one).
Being firm with her training is paying off. When we first got Sophie she was 14mths and lived partially outside and wasn't house trained, when I think back to what she was like then to how she is now, she's come such a long way.