Friday, 16 July 2010

Ladies and Longleat

Well we survived our long car journey to our holiday down near Dorset. We stayed at Longleat for a week and here we are in front of the beautiful house.We were allowed to walk round the grounds in the evening which was lovely. Mum, Dad and our bother went to see the other animals in the safari park but we didn't go. Mum says they were all beautiful and here's a snap.

Mum and our brother even visited Monkeyworld as mum is a big fan of the TV prog and the great work they do. Our brother has adopted an orangutan called 'Dinda' - she's ginger as well ha ha.

We then travelled up to Silverdale in Cumbria and had a relaxing week where we got lots of nice walks and trips at the beach. The weather was pretty rubbish but we still enjoyed ourselves. Happy to be home though, I still don't like long car travels and my dad is sick of picking ticks out of me, and mum is sick of me rolling in gunk!

Ruby x