Saturday, 24 January 2009

Saturday 24 January 2009

Hi, i'm Ruby.

I'm a 5yr old vizsla and I live with a nice family in Scotland. I have a pretty cool life with plenty of walks, a nice warm bed and lots of fun with my family! I also like to go on holiday in our caravan, visiting lots of places with nice walks. Sometimes it gets very tiring and I have to rest :)

I heard my mum & dad saying that i'd soon be getting a 'sister'. Well she arrived 3 weeks ago, we met at the park and I couldn't believe my dad walking toward me with another ginger!! We had a sniff of each other then a good run around, I was surprised to find I liked her, she seemed fun.

My new sister is called Sophie, she's 15mths old. This is us in our house. She's on the left. Blimey she's a bundle of energy. The photo at the bottom is us a week later, well I suppose she can stay, but hey, there's no way she's getting my radiator position.