Sunday, 25 July 2010

Three dogs ?

Mum brought our 'grans' dog Molly to stay with us for a week. Molly is an 11yr old springer spaniel. The last time Molly came for the day I wasn't very nice to her and mum had a word in my ear. This time i've been ok. Molly is actually quite cool, very like Sophie as in she'll do what I say lol. No room for 2 top dogs in my house.

Here's a picture of us in the garden.

We've been out on lots of walks but not too far as Molly still runs about like a young dog but then gets very stiff if she goes too far. She's a bit barmy actually constantly has to look for an old plastic bottle to carry (what's that all about?). See she's got a purple one in this picture.
Mum says Molly is going home this week and it's been good for her to have dog company as her companion dog Meg who was 12, sadly died last year and since then she's been alone. Anyway, i've quite enjoyed her company but not sure mum has enjoyed walking 3 dogs, she seems to spend a lot of time tangled up in our leads.

Ruby x