Saturday, 27 February 2010

Weather woes

Can't wait for spring! Most of Scotland has been battered again by heavy snow and rain. We've luckily only had a few snow showers which were quite heavy but melted very quickly but we have had constant rain for 3 days now. Our walks have been limited due to my 2 looking at me like i'm stupid when I pull them out to go for their walks. Not surprised though they get drenched.

This morning, no surprise one of our walks was waterlogged. It's been miserable here, and I took a picture of the sky, grey and heavy with the Forth Road Bridge in the background.
We walked as far as we could but our usual run round the field was not going to happen as it was flooded.
What's a vizsla to do?

... play & fight of course!

They amused themselves that way and getting very muddy :-) whilst I took cover to avoid them running into my knees.