Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bad Mum!

I used to get the vet to clip the dogs nails when they went for worming/weight etc then I thought i'll do it myself. It's been going well although Ruby hates it and squirms, and tries to hop round on one leg (dragging me with her). Sophie on the other hand is an absolute star. She stands like a statue, tries to lick you while you're clipping , doesn't even flinch.

Tonight, I did Sophie - no problem. Got two of Ruby's claws done and after the usual chase round the kitchen etc got another one, was about to clip, she moves, yelps...... OMG blood everywhere!!!!! I applied pressure and it eventually stopped bleeding. I've put a tiny bit of antiseptic cream on and she's now sporting a natty spongebob sock and wearing a scowl (directed at me ). I doubt she'll let me do it again, so it'll be back to the vets doing it from now on. Here's my poor doggie, feeling very sorry for herself, she wouldn't even look at me.