Thursday, 2 June 2011

Time in Killin

Mum & Dad took us away on a trip back to Killin. It's one of their favourite caravan sites, with plenty of walks for us. The falls of Dochart

The weather was very mixed but Sophie and I got outside when it was sunny and Sophie even stalked the ducks! Such a beautiful place and if you venture of the beaten track you find some gorgeous hidden gems to walk in .... vizsla heaven!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I ordered my ladies a new bed. Not cheap but i've been through a few types and a few double quilts then someone recommended the tuffie nest from ( a company in Scotland). I have to say my ladies are in doggy heaven tonight and the quality and quick delivery is outstanding. The quality speaks for itself and i'm confident it will last longer than the previous beds mine have had.

They have some nice stuff - worth a look.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Viz wizz today

Mum and dad took us to meet up with some other 'red dogs' from the VizslaScotland forum. We went to a place near Kinneil Museum in Boness. Fantastic place, Sophie and I were one of 21 doggies that turned up today.
We are the 5th and 6th dogs from the left lol.
We met another viz called 'Ruby' (right), that confused Sophie a little!

It was great to have a good long run about today after our rubbish weather!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Smiling Vizslas

I have 2 incredibly happy vizslas today!
They are delighted as it's getting lighter which means longer walks in the evening and it's been 14oC today (tropical for Scotland haha).
Nothing like the sun on your back after the winter we've just had :-) Happy Days!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vizsla rights!

It should be illegal to make Vizslas go out in the rain! That will be my manifesto!

Yesterday morning mum got our coats on early about 6:40am and opened the front door to be met with lakes (slight exaggeration) and horizontal rain!! Sophie and me raised our eyes toward mum and inwardly shouted "SERIOUSLY" but we just got pulled out for a walk. Was quite a quick walk mind, as mum got fed up looking behind her constantly for me..... well a viz has to shelter somehow :-)

We've not had much to report lately what with all the snow, gale force winds, rain/sleet/hailstones... (good old "bonny Scotland"). Today the puddles (read lakes haha) had shrunk a bit so we went up to the fields. We had a great run about and Sophie stuck her head down a rabbit hole.
and here she is looking like butter wouldn't melt....
All in all a good walk we were a bit disappointed at having to go back home.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Radiator wars!

Vizslas love heat! Mine are not exception. While ironing the other night I watched a tussle going on for the best position, Sophie loses .... every time haha.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Sophie and I just had a running race over 3 snowy fields after some hares! Couldn't believe it, Sophie is now faster than me, hmm!!!! I couldn't believe it when she overtook me, but we still didn't catch the hares.

It was nice in the fields tonight, very dark but we had our flashy collars on and very quiet, except when dad called us back. We don't have any photos but here's one of our walk this morning, we went along the same path yesterday and it was all GREEN, today it's white (again) unbelievable.
Ruby xx