Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vizsla rights!

It should be illegal to make Vizslas go out in the rain! That will be my manifesto!

Yesterday morning mum got our coats on early about 6:40am and opened the front door to be met with lakes (slight exaggeration) and horizontal rain!! Sophie and me raised our eyes toward mum and inwardly shouted "SERIOUSLY" but we just got pulled out for a walk. Was quite a quick walk mind, as mum got fed up looking behind her constantly for me..... well a viz has to shelter somehow :-)

We've not had much to report lately what with all the snow, gale force winds, rain/sleet/hailstones... (good old "bonny Scotland"). Today the puddles (read lakes haha) had shrunk a bit so we went up to the fields. We had a great run about and Sophie stuck her head down a rabbit hole.
and here she is looking like butter wouldn't melt....
All in all a good walk we were a bit disappointed at having to go back home.