Friday, 6 February 2009

Today we went for a long walk once mum got in from work this afternoon. Sophie flushed a pheasant today! It was freezing so me and Soph ran about like mad things to keep warm. I stepped on an ice puddle today and it broke so hey I just decided to have a drink while I was there brrrrr!!!!!!!

When we got home dad fed us then he started cooking, we were under dads feet so we had to wait outside the kitchen, it was so unfair as it smelled really good!

Here's a picture of us waiting patiently at the kitchen door :-)

It's no use Sophie, dad sayis its "not for vizslas"

Monday, 2 February 2009

Official flatmates!

My sleepover with Ruby was a success. I've now moved in with her. My crate across the hall looks quite empty but i'm glad i've moved, much more spacious and cosy.