Friday, 5 November 2010


Someone on the Vizslascotland forum recommended these collars that have 3 light settings. I got them from Pets at Home. I have to say, if you, like me haven't heard of them then they are BRILLIANT!!!!!!

I've tried different variations of these type of colars but I recommend these. Ruby is modelling.


Amanda said...

What kind/type is that? I use the Amiglo brand on the dogs (aka the Spike Lighted colar on amazon).

Ruby & Sophie said...

Amanda they are called: High Visibility Pink Reflective Flashing Dog Collar by Coopet
I got it from "Pets at Home", I went into the store but they have a website.

Fergus said...

Great purchase, I bought my two these last year and they are still going strong now which I am amazed (and pleased) about!

Juliette said...

That collar looks really good - I'm off to check this out - I'm a westie in UK, Lake District but born in Dalkeith, Scotland. Nice blog and love your dogs Ruby and Sophie.

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