Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Grass mmm

I really don't know what mums problem is - we like eating grass, it's tasty and i'm going to eat it whenever I like! I know she's not keen when we spit it back up on to the carpet but hey... we're vizslas. Here's Ruby watching mum clean it up from a safe distance at the top of the stair ha ha.


Radar Red Dog said...

You're not alone...both Radar & now Rio think they're goats!! The "interesting" bit for us is not when it comes out the front end but the rear...known in our house as "dingle berries"...Radar even presents his bottom to us for a little bit of help!

Fergus said...

What is with grass tho' hey I swear our two are cows in disguise

Oh Radar and Rio, we also have that problem (well not us personally I hasten to add but the dogs) I love the phrase you use, I had better not publish what we call them it's far less poetical!!

Rod Michaelson said...

I love your photos. You capture these fine dogs in great light.

Bailey and Chloe say hi from California.