Thursday, 29 April 2010

Velcro dogs indeed!!

Earlier I was trying trying to do some work on the computer Sophie decided I wasn't paying her enough attention. She tried, in a not so subtle way to get my attention ..... casually placing her paw on my leg (which is very brave of her because she gets told off and made to put it down - still working on this) and by sticking her nose in the air - as if that made her invisible!
She didn't think getting a few pats was enough so she squeezed herself into a small space under the desk and lay over my feet, trapping me and unable to move my chair as her tail was curled under the wheel. The look on her face was priceless, like she was saying "what, is there a problem" lol. Velcro dogs indeed.

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Radar Red Dog said...

Oh yes...Vizsla = velcro...I recognise that so well! Radar & Rio regularly lie on my feet under the's ok if they're still but when they decide to play...well that's another story!!!