Tuesday, 27 October 2009

This is me and Ruby waiting on mum getting ready for work. Once she's ready we go downstair for a nice treat and off she goes.
We've not been up to much. I've noticed our walk in the morning is a bit 'darker' and our walk in the evening is 'darker'. Not fair.... I have to stay on the extension lead instead of running about! Don't think Ruby's that bothered but I like my game of round up the crows on the playing field. I met a new friend today, a 5mth old wirehaired pointer, mum says he was cute!

After our walk this evening we came in and it was quite cold so mum put the fire on, and we dutifully parked ourselves in front of it. "Happiness is stealing all the heat"



Radar Red Dog said...

I know just what you mean about "dark" - I have to have a "lead" walk now at night instead of running through the woods...so unfair!!

Radar & "Mum" Juliet

Rod Michaelson said...

Great looking dogs. I'll have to follow their adventures from here in Northern California.
Rod, Chloe and Bailey