Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hey, I know you, do I know you......

Today we were about to have a run through the field when Sophie spotted one of her friends from 'dog training'. This was her just pausing as she recognised 'latte (lab)' :-)

and this is Ruby thinking "where's she going, i'm her playmate!"....
We had a good run round and disappeared over a hill. Tonight, our recall was excellent, we couldn't see mum but could hear her whistle so we rocketed back towards her, she looked pleased. Sophie proved she's learned a lot. Mum had to do a very loud "LEAVE IT" to her tonight as she tried to lift a hedgehog up, but she left it immediately and ran back to mum. Couldn't believe it! my lil sis is growing up.


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Rod Michaelson said...

Great looking Vizslas. They look like they have a wonderful life.

Rod with Chloe and Baliey