Tuesday, 19 May 2009

S for 'Sunny Days'

Well the weather has been not bad recently, Soph 'n' Rub have been lazing in the front garden. Soph luvs trying to catch butterflies......... just as well we've got a high fence!

We went for a walk along the coastal path one night last week. The girls luv it, they get a good run off lead. Sophie was desperately trying to show me something but I was having none of it, so Soph just jumped the wall and balanced for ages with her bum out (very lady like for a vizsla)! Dad says her head is full of broken biscuits, maybe he has a point.

Then she was tempted to run down to the beach, but spun round pretty fast when she dipped a toe in.... maybe not!!

I luv my ginger sister.......... she's phenomenal like irn bru. Mum's taking Sophie to dog training classes, but it seems that she is a model dog when i'm not around, how unfair is that, giving a false impression to everyone. Mum says she loves all the other dogs and is really enjoying herself, she must be as she flops in her bed once they get back......... after i've given her a cuddle (cos I do miss her when she's not with me, but shh, don't tell Sophie).

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