Sunday, 1 March 2009

Raining and full tummies!

We got soaked on our walk this morning, hailstones no less (typical Scottish weather). Sophie disappeared for about 5 mins in the big field and mum and I were whistling for ages. Sometimes there's a lady that empties her leftovers into the field from her garden (mum tries her best to keep us away from it but sometimes it's too much temptation for vizslas, much to mums annoyance) and mum reckons Sophie has scoffed whatever was there! She's been very quiet all day, not her usual inquisitive self, and she's had a bit of an upset tummy. Mum took a picture of her earlier looking sad....
Sophie was a bit better this evening and even wanted to run about with her ball, but it's all been too much for her. I went upstair to see where mum had gone. I found her in the office and Sophie was with her "glued to the radiator" to ensure I can't steal it off her, I don't mind her having this one though :-)

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