Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Today we went for a walk up the fields beside our house.

Sophie had to stay on her lead a bit further because the other day she ran back the way after a hare and ended up almost by the main road! Blimey I didn't know mum could run that fast herself..... I heard her say that Sophie's speed was impressive but her hearing wasn't!!!!

We then got into the woods and climbed up to the top and mum took a photo of us with our human brother, he's great.... loves to play with us :-). I like having a ginger sister now, she certainly keeps me amused! I just let her get on with things, she's a pup afterall! I'm very tolerant except when she tries to squeeze in behind me to get to the radiator........ UNACCEPTABLE and she'll never move me :-)

Mum decided we were sitting nicely at one point and she got the camera out again. Well Sophie was sitting nicely, but then she'll do anything for a treat.

Mum did some training with Sophie later in the evening. She keeps putting her paws up when she wants a pat, and mum keeps putting them down, one day she'll learn.
Well that's all my news for today.

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